I am not a banana

bananasimple. What’s that? It’s my blog!

After sitting in front of the computer trying to think of a username for so long that wordpress timed out and I had to completely refresh the page to actually enter my information, I caved and Googled “how to name a blog.” And while bananasimple wasn’t in any list and didn’t come to me by way of divine revelation after reading a few blog-naming tips, there was a certain site that said, in no certain terms, that starting a blog is really so simple that a banana could do it.

I consider myself smarter than a banana and slightly better with words, and so bananasimple was conceived.

It’s inspirational, really. For all the times I sit down, after days, weeks, months of not writing and thinking I have nothing to say and thinking I should abandon blogging altogether and thinking I don’t have time for this, I will look at bananasimple and remember that I am not a banana. I am smarter and better with words and I can blog.


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